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    Kitty Play Game

    Kitty Play Game Kitty Play Game

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    Kitty Play Game don't neglect your favorite pet. Kitty-Play works better than catnip in bringing out the animal in you. Take turns rolling the dice and foreplay your way to kitty heaven! Guaranteed to make you and your kitty purrr with ecstasy!. Great way to get the party started. Easy to play. 2 or more adult take turns rolling the dice! Foreplay your way to kitty heaven! One die says: lick, touch, tease, vibrate, tickle and massage. While the other says: clitoris, your choice, lips, all over, vagina and inside. Non-sexual back drop features tiger print lingerie on female and 2 x-rated dice. Roll and play fun way to break the ice or as a conversation starter. Meow! Kitty Play Game from Ball and Chain Novelties.

    Length: 5.25
    Height: 8.25
    Brand: Ball and Chain

    Price:  $5.95

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