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    Drink & Dare Bride Bingo

    Drink & Dare Bride Bingo

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    Drink and Dare Bride Bingo Game contents: 12 I Dare You Bingo Cards, 12 I Double-Dare You Bingo Cards and 70 Punch-Out Bingo Markers. Want to make the most out of your Bachelorette or Hen Party? Are you interested in laughing all night long while you and fellow party goers act out amusing dares while knocking down you are your favorite libations? Then look no further! By adding a contemporary twist we have updated the classic Bingo game. The result is a super exciting, ultra fun Bride-to-Be party game that will have you in side-splitting, uproarious laughter. Make no mistake; this is not your parent's Bingo game! Ball and Chain Games.

    Brand: Ball and Chain

    Price:  $10.95

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